Australian artist Alasdair Asmussen Doyle’s practice employs film and documentary strategies within a research-as-practice methodology, to analyse places and their changing nature. Working with anachronistic shooting instruments (such as the Bolex 16) and ambiguity of location, the artist construct filmic and installation works that compress and retract sequential narratives of time and place, that explore mankind inhabiting the earth and the last vestiges of animal nature.


Doyle’s concurrent research projects are partly informed by his experience as an Australian inhabiting another island on the other side of the globe. Furthermore they reflect the artist's interest in unorthodox methods of spatial enquiry with the intent of deconstructing histories and spatial knowledge embedded in place. These include 'The Other Island', a series of works centred on discovering and documenting the small colony of Bennett Wallabies that inhabit the Isle of Man, and 'Where I Am Not', an expedition inspired by reaching the point diametrically opposite on the Earth’s surface, where it is not possible to go any further without coming back.


In engaging with early photochemical technology, the artist relates contemporary forms of image production with earlier experiments of the moving image to consider how early filmic representations of the natural world has framed our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.


Doyle is a 2016 Situate artist, winner of the 2015 Tasmanian Portraiture Prize, recipient of Australia Council, Art Tasmania, Tasmanian Regional Arts, Creative Partnerships Australia, Hobart City grants, and has undertaken residencies at La Cite des Arts in Paris and Popp’s Packing in Detroit. Doyle is a currently studying Contemporary Art Practice at the Royal College of Art in London.