Electrona 7054

Directed by Alasdair Asmussen Doyle and Liam James, Electrona 7054 was a festival celebrating the rise of digital art and music in suburban and popular culture in Hobart, Tasmania.


The inaugural installment of the three-day contemporary music and arts festival, took place from February 27 to March 1 2015, showcasing the best of Tasmanian and Australian digital artists and musicians.

The name derived from Hobart’s fringe suburb Electrona, a prototypical product of Australia’s suburban sprawl. Playing with the contingency of the modern Australian lifestyle, the festival was staged across three disused and underground venues in the Hobart CBD, all of which shared an emphasis on digital art, music and film.

Exploring the manifold media of digital practice, the festival’s unique venues, and myriad artists and musicians created a visual, spatial and audio experience that synthesised the debris of the old with the territories of the new and sifts contemporaneous suburban and urban landscapes for unlikely energies.