Something Less

Publication and multiple-channel video installation

“This project leaves us with more questions than answers. It’s challenging work, revealing complex family legacies and their intersections with little-known aspects of Australian history.” - Georgie Meagher, Next Wave Director.

Something Less is an unmistakably Tasmania-centric collaborative exhibition and publishing project that breaks open the narrative of Tasmanian history and mythology, and its place in the Australian national psyche.


This challenging project looks at the little-understood Indigenous history of Tasmania, an island where imperial attempts at mass-genocide and ethnic ‘cleansing’ of Aboriginal peoples were more extensive than on mainland Australia. Whilst James grapples with identity, self and culture in his melancholic self-portraiture, Doyle offers a sharp counterpoint with his critical perspective, analysis and historical research.


Inspired by Tracey Moffatt’s iconic photographic series Something More, Something Less examines truth, belonging, and the continuous alteration of identity.


Something Less was developed and shown as part of Next Wave Festival 2016.